CALMet Online is your window to the meteorological training world and your boarding pass to free online training events lead by experts in education and training for meteorology, hydrology and related disciplines.

Taking place between May and October, this year’s free online event is hosted by the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) and consists of a series of online presentations and plenty of opportunities to meet, share ideas, techniques and tools for learning meteorology and related sciences. For accommodating regional audiences, some sessions will be bilingual.

The varied programme includes session on:

  • How to make a competency Assessor more competent at assessing

  • Using a new Plug-in for Moodle to Build a meteorology Simulation

  • Education and training response to the future role of meteorologists

  • Online Experimentation: emerging Technologies and the Internet of Things

  • A review of the Australian VLab Centre of Excellence National HIMAWARI-8 Training Campaign: Achievements and Challenges

  • and much more.


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CALMet Online 2014 aims to highlight the fact that despite our various backgrounds, cultural differences and diverse organizational environments, we all share the same need to learn more about training and education in our disciplines, and become better professionals. 
The goal of CALMet Online 2014 is to demonstrate a variety of learning approaches, suitable for application and adaptation across various institutions and practices.

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Engage in a global discussion on creating activities for learning meteorology. Read more about the event.

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