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    • International Summer School on Applications with the Newest Multi-spectral Environmental Satellites, Bracciano, Italy 2017

      The course will provide an in depth explanation of methods and techniques used to extract information from environmental satellite data, with emphasis on the latest measuring technologies. The course will consist of lectures, laboratory sessions, group lab projects and tests. English is the official language of the School. All provided material will be in English.

      Date: 25 September - 6 October 2017

      Location: Bracciano, Italy

      Application deadline: 16 June 2017

      Applications open

      This courses addresses experienced professionals working with remote sensing data (forecasters, researchers, post-gradate students etc.) interested to update their knowledge and skills on the newest developments in remote sensing data. The applicants must have an academic degree either in Meteorology, Physics, Environmental Sciences or Environmental Engineering. Applicants should be proficients in the English language to attend the course.

      The course is intended primarily for the European audience. Depending on availability, additional applicants might be accepted. Candidates will be selected on the basis of their proven experiences in environmental remote sensing. 

    • Autumn School on the “Use of Satellite Information in Nowcasting”, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2017

      The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki will organize in cooperation with EUMETSAT the fifth Autumn School in a raw on the “Use of Satellite Information in Nowcasting”, which will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece. The main objective of the training workshop is to present and explain to the participants the new developments in satellite meteorology focusing on the use of processes, principles and practices, tools and products for nowcasting and short-range forecasting based on meteorological satellite data and products.

      Date: 11 - 15 September 2017

      Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

      Application Deadline: 3 July 2017

      Application open

      The call is intended to invited countries only!

      The workshop is primarily aimed at participants from the south-eastern Europe and North African countries. Participants, preferably young and motivated staff members of the Meteorological Services, should have some knowledge or experience in satellite imagery interpretation. The workshop will be held in English and there will be no registration fee.

      The total number of participants is limited to about 15 from abroad and 11 from the host country (Greece). Only one participant from each country will be accepted to attend the workshop. Meteorological Services and Offices are kindly requested to nominate a candidate.

    • Sentinel 3 Workshops in Belgium and Ghana, 2017

      The purpose of these workshops is to develop skills in using data from EUMETSAT's Copernicus Data Stream for oceanographic applications. We will focus on the application of data from Sentinel-3.

      After the workshops, participants will be able to:

      1. Name data/products provided in the CMDS with relevance to their work (variables, timeliness, resolution, data format)
      2. Access / download data and products provided in the Copernicus Marine Data Stream (CODA, EUMETSAT Data archive, EumetCAST)
      3. Know how to work with CMDS data in SNAP, GIS, and / or a scripting language
      4. Use data / products from the CMDS for their purposes.

      European Audience:

      Online Phase: 21 - 25 August 2017

      On site, Oostende (Belgium): 4 - 8 September 2017

      Application deadline: 7 June 2017 (Applications Open)


      African Audience:

      Online Phase: 23 - 27 October 2017

      On site, Accra (Ghana): 6 - 10 November 2017

      Applications deadline: 4 August 2017 (Applications Open)

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