Centre of Excellence in Training and Education in Satellite Meteorology hosted by the South African Weather Service (SAWS) and EUMETAST are hosting a pilot course on the use of satellite winds and wave data for marine safety forecasting in African waters. The aim of this course is to equip trainers in marine forecasting and senior forecasters with the skills to use altimeter and scatterometer data in their roles.

This pilot course is aimed at instructors who already train forecasters in marine forecasting and senior marine forecasters. If this pilot is successful there will be future courses for a wider audience.  

This workshop aims to:

Promote the use of ocean vector wind (OVW) and significant wave height (SWH) products from all available satellites in marine research, applications, and forecasting.

A successful outcome will result in OVW and SWH products being broadly used by interested members of the academic community in the major South American countries countries, as well as being routinely input to operational marine analyses and forecasts by their respective National Meteorological Services (NMS).

It will feature how to access these data sets (e.g. EUMETCAST, GEONETCAST, NOAA’s DDS, etc.) , how to use the GEMPAK/N-AWIPS analysis and display system as a classroom tool to facilitate handling these data sets, and in particular how to assess the performance of NWP and ocean-model forecasts through direct comparisons with observations of OVW and SWH.

Include as students both operational marine forecasters and university researchers with an interest in improving marine forecasting.

Training Workshop Partners include: CPTEC (our host), EUMETSAT, NASA, and NOAA ; this Training Workshop is viewed as the third in a continuing series of such Workshops.

This forum is for people interested in applications of satellite data to oceans. At the moment the main conversation is about marine meteorology. The forum is open to all guests to read, and to registered members to post.

The goals of this course are to:

1. Develop skill of European marine weather forecasters in operational use of the altimeter and scatterometer data

2. Raise awareness of the usefulness and availability of scatterometer and altimeter data for marine weather forecasting in Europe.

This course is aimed at operational forecasters in Europe.