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    • 2019 Advanced Training Course for CM SAF Users

      Subsequent to the 2019 CM SAF User Workshop, EUMETSAT & CM SAF jointly offer a workshop for advanced users of CM SAF data. The key objectives of this workshop is to

      • Share knowledge, experiences and best practices for the development of operational applications in using CM SAF data
      • Build a network of CM SAF users with different level of experience

      With expert support, the participants of this workshop will develop applications of CM SAF data to be ready for operations.

      Date of the CM SAF User Workshop: 3 - 5 June 2019

      Date of the Advanced Training Course for CM SAF Users: 5 - 7 June 2019

      Place of both events: Mainz, Germany

      Target audience

      Participants of the Advanced Training Course for CM SAF Users are:

      • expected to have practical experiences in working with CM SAF data;
      • expected to contribute the CM SAF User Workshop, taking place prior to the training course;
      • strongly encouraged to bring ideas for applications using CM SAF data records;

      Ideas for operational applications using CM SAF data records are very welcome. Possible applications could be related (but are not limited) to:

      • National / Regional Climate Atlases
      • Merging satellite climate data with other sources of climate information
      • Validation and Quality control of surface data
      • PV potential resource assessment
      • Operational Climate Monitoring
      • Climate Analysis
      • Target oriented visualisation of Climate information

      Expected Learning Outcomes

      After this course participants should be able to:

      • design (operational) applications of CM SAF data records.
      • find ways to solve issues related to applying CM SAF data, also using established links with other CM SAF users to solve

      For further information please refer to the EUMETSAT webpage.


      Applications for the advanced training course can be submitted until 31.12.2018 via

      Registration to the Advanced Training Course for CM SAF Users is only possible in combination with registering to the 2019 CM SAF User’s Workshop.

      Registration deadline: 31 December 2019


      The course language is English


      EUMETSAT provides limited funds for travel and accommodation support, this must be indicated at the time of application.

      There is no event fee.

      The event venue is the "Novotel Mainz". A special rate of 99€ per night has been negotiated. It includes accommodation and breakfast. Lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and all coffee breaks will also be provided.


      • EUMETSAT Winter School on the Use of Satellite Data for Climate Services - Europe

        The key objective of this Workshop is to instruct active and future users from National Meteorological Services, Regional Climate Centres and from research institutions primarily from EUMETSAT member states and WMO RA VI in the use of EUMETSAT climate products for operational climate monitoring and climate research.

        Course setup

        Participants will complete an online phase during which they will

        • engage with the concept of satellite based climate monitoring
        • be introduced to EUMETSAT's climate products
        • install free and open software tools to be used during the classroom phase
        • get a first introduction to these software
        • identify which data will be most applicable to their work and ideally download (some of) these data
        • design a small project that will be completed during the classroom phase

        The course will focus on project-based work with supporting presentations and group work on the application of satellite data to climate monitoring. We will use climate data of EUMETSAT's product portfolio (mainly CM SAF and LSA SAF data) and free software tools, such as R (see R-Instat and QGIS. During the workshop, the participants will have the opportunity to explore the use of satellite based climate data in their daily work.

        Please note: The active engagement in the online phase is crucial for your success in the course! Participants should allocate 10 - 15 hours for the online phase.

        Online Phase: 28 January- 8 February 2019

        Classroom Phase in Krakow, Poland: 25 February - 01 March 2019

        Application deadline: 09 January 2019

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