• Welcome to the User Workshop and Training on Fire Monitoring

    An online event through interactive data discovery and user practices on state-of-the-art operational datasets for detection of fire, related emissions and impacts

    Jointly organized by EUMETSAT, CAMS-ECMWFAC SAFLSA SAF

    with support from Copernicus

      Data Discovery Week 
              11-15 May - Daily webinars with experts on datasets with interactive handling (open access).

      Data Discovery Resources
              A collection of videos and presentations of datasets designed for the training workshop, but open to all.     

              18-19 May - A two day workshop on practical workflows and user needs (for registered participants only).

  • Data Discovery Week live webinars (11-15 May)

    We invite you to a week of daily online webinars. Consult the programme proposed, mark your calendar and join us for the live session every day at 10:00 CET to connect with the experts. Each live session will consist of:

    1. Presentation of data.

    2. Dos and don'ts with datasets.

    3. Where to access data and on-line discovery.

    4. Introduction to self-paced activity.

    The instructor of the morning session will be available each day from 15:00 to 16:00 CET to answer your questions on slido (www.slido.com), join the event with the event code: #fireworkshop.

    All sessions will be recorded and made available on this course page.

    Agenda of the webinars:

    Data Discovery Videos 1. Discover the data: GOME-2 Onboard METOP