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    Welcome to the EUMETSAT Marine Essentials Pack training page!

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    Through this online learning platform called Moodle, you will find a range of educational resources aimed at helping you gain the skills required to become comfortable, independent and adept at:

    • Understanding the data and data products that the CMDS provides (timeliness, resolution, data formats, variables).
    • Selecting most relevant and appropriate products from the CMDS for specific tasks.
    • Accessing/downloading data and products provided in the CMDS.
    • Knowing how to work with CMDS data in SNAP and Python (Jupyter Notebooks).
    • Applying the satellite data products from the CMDS for tailored applications.
    We will introduce you to the Copernicus Marine Data Stream (CMDS), provide you with the background knowledge of the Copernicus programme, satellites and instrumentation, data access and formats, and tools and software necessary to begin working with this data for marine applications.

    This online training is designed to 'stand alone' without the addition of virtual classrooms, so we ask that you please direct any questions or queries to with 'Marine Essentials Pack' in the subject line.

Learning how to access CMDS data

  • Learning how to access CMDS data

    Here, we will introduce you to several ways you can access Sentinel-3 data available through the CMDS. The method you choose will depend on a number of factors, including:

      1. The type of data you need (quick look images, netcdf files, what resolution and at what level of timeliness)
      2. How regularly you need this data (for an individual application, or more regularly?)
      3. The facilities and resources you have available (do you have sufficient internet capacity to download the data?)

      Links: CODA User Manual ; ; ;

      Short videos on how you can access and order Sentinel-3 data and products from the EUMETSAT Copernicus Online Data Access (CODA) and Data Centre portals:

      All archived data can be accessed through the Data Centre Online Ordering Client, used for searching, selecting and ordering products.

       You can read a little more about the Data Centre aims, history and data collections here.

      What's coming up next? Take a sneak peek at the upcoming EUMETSAT Data Store for a single point access to both new and archived data records:
      How we deliver data is changing! As part of our growing big data services, the EUMETSAT Data Store provides users with a single point of access to our data records. In this video, Ben Loveday provides a very comprehensive walk-through of the web-user interface.