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  • Welcome to the Drought & Vegetation Data Cube Information Page

    Please note: The Data Cube Information Day has been moved to 11 May 2021. 

    What is the Drought & Vegetation Data Cube?

    The Drought & Vegetation Data Cube (D&V Data Cube) is a collection of data records of the portfolio of EUMETSAT SAFs and others relevant for drought and vegetation monitoring and analysis. All data records are provided on a regular latitude/ longitude grid and in CF-compliant netCDF via a THREDDS server. 

    An overview on the data cube, as well the list of variables included is provided below: 

    Spatial coverage: Europe
    Grid: Regular Lat/ Lon
    Data Format: CF compliant netCDF4


    We are aware that satellite data can be difficult to use for various reasons. Yet we are convinced that they can be useful, especially for monitoring and analysing environmental issues with a high variability in time and space. The D&V cube is an attempt to facilitate accessing and working with satellite data.  We hope that the D&V Cube is beneficial to you and your work.

    The D&V Data Cube is EUMETSAT's first prototype of a data cube. This means that we would like to learn from you as experts in the field of drought and vegetation monitoring. In collaborating with you during the cube exploration phase (and beyond) we would like to find out how EUMETSAT can tailor data provision and user support to best help you in making use of satellite earth observation data. 

    Who and when

    We invite scientists /experts in all fields related to monitoring and analysing drought and vegetation to join the D&V cube Information Day on 11 May 2021 and to participate in the following exploration phase

    During the online Information Day, you will:

    • learn how to access the D&V cube.
    • get to know some visualization and analysis tools we offer together with the D&V cube. Note: to work with the data in the D&V cube you can use any software capable of handling data in netCDF format.
    • get an overview on the data records in the cube, their strengths and limitations.
    • get in touch with experts on the data in the D&V cube.
    • make contacts with colleagues in your field who may also explore the D&V cube.
    • be able to provide constructive feedback about the D&V cube to EUMETSAT.
    To participate in the information day, please register here.

    After the Information Day in April, the D&V cube exploration phase will start. This will be a phase to actively get hands on the cube and test it in "real live" applications, smaller or bigger projects, etc. During this phase, support from EUMETSAT on any issues related to the D&V cube and the data it provides will be available.

    We would be very happy to hear about your experiences in using the D&V cube and potentially about the results of your projects /applications at any time throughout the exploration phase, but also in the context of the 2021 virtual SALGEE meeting, planned to be held in late August /early September.

  • D&V Cube Information Day, 11 May 2021

    More Information coming soon.

  • How to access the Data Cube (enrolled participants only)

    • The data records in the D&V Cube

      More information coming soon.

      • Your feedback on the Data Cube

        We'll soon let you know how you can get in touch with us to provide your feedback and ask questions on the D&V Cube.

        • How you can get further involved

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