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  • Welcome to the Operational Satellite Oceanography symposium Training

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    This course will offer an overview of the operational aspects of the Copernicus Marine Data Stream (CMDS) and the NOAA CoastWatch program. Topics covered will include ocean satellite data products (SST, ocean colour, salinity, altimetry, winds, …), how CMEMS assimilates data into operational models and Level 4 multi sensor products, Data download APIs and ways in which data retrieval and processing can be scripted, and an overview of the ERDDAP data platform and CoastWatch data portal.

    A choice of on-demand lectures on ocean satellite data, self-paced tutorials, and example scripts are available on this page for you to work through on your own time. This will be followed by a live session on 28th May from 12:00 – 15:30 UTC which will include presentations, demonstrations, and time for your questions to be answered.

    The zoom link for the live session will be available on Brella - please check the schedule page. 

    The live portion of course will include some practical demonstrations on using the Jupyter Notebook system in Python. We will provide information in advance of the course including the example code we will be using and instructions for those that want to install Python and associated modules. Due to the timing of the course any issues installing Python etc will have to be dealt with offline, but we will provide contact details during the course to allow continued interactions after the event. 

  • NOAA CoastWatch Resources

  • Python/Programming info

     Installing Anaconda/Python

    This video provides an intro to installing Anaconda, our preferred Python environment.

    Installing Modules

    This video walks students through installing a Python package through Anaconda. This will be combined with a list of modules needed once the code for the training event has been decided.


    Basic Modules list

    • numpy
    • matplotlib
    • cartopy
    • requests
    • xarray
    • netCDF4
    • lxml
    • shapely
    The modules above can be installed using anaconda's install command, as an example : `conda install -c conda-forge numpy`

    Python Topic outlines

    Data download - For the "operational" data download we will present to sentinel downloader as an example of how to script data downloads, we will offer this script to users for downloading Sentinel 3 data. We will also discuss use of crontab on linux to schedule downloads etc.
    Batch programming with SNAP - we will highlight the use of SNAP built-oin tools that can be used programatically through the GPT program. The example will be a "toy" example were we apply a very simple operation, due to time available.

    Jupyter notebooks

    The jupyter notebooks we will use for portions of the training can be found here : https://github.com/doclements/OSOS_notebooks
    Due to the short timeframe of the training we will not be able to spend a large amount of time debugging systems but these should provide useful to attendees after the event also.

  • Presentations from the training day

    Recordings of the live sessions:

    Part 1

     Part 2