• Data discovery - Information about the training platform

    The practical 'data discovery' sessions will be conducted with the help of a JupyterHub training platform. JupyterHub is a pre-defined programming environment that gives learners direct access to the data and Python packages required for following the practicals. No pre-requisites on Python coding are needed.

    We invite you to browse through the content on the JupyterHub before the course - the material will be available some days before the course starts.

    How to access the JupyterHub:

    NOTE: if you log into JupyterHub, a docker image will be created. To have a clean environment for the training course, we will delete all docker images before the course starts. This means that all changes you will have made in the meantime, will be lost.

    After the course, the Jupyter notebook content will be made available to clone from here.

    1. Discover the data: GOME-2 Onboard METOP