• 4. Discover the data: IASI onboard MetOp

    IASI is an infrared Fourier transform spectrometer developed jointly by CNES (the French spatial agency) with support of the scientific community, and by EUMETSAT. IASI is mounted on-board the European polar-orbiting MetOp satellite with the primary objective to improve numerical weather predictions, by measuring tropospheric temperature and humidity with high horizontal resolution and sampling. IASI also contributes greatly to atmospheric composition measurements for climate and chemistry applications, providing observations both day and night.  IASI retrieves observations of several trace gases and aerosols, for this course primarily carbon monoxide (CO) will be used. Currently, from IASI observations CO and sulphur dioxide (SO2) are part of AC SAF product family. In this section you will find out how to access IASI CO data.


    A short guide on how to access IASI CO data.

    3. Discover the data: CAMS atmospheric composition and fire emissions5. Discover the data: GEFF Fire Danger forecasts and reanalysis