• EUMETSAT New Data Services for Data Centre Users - Accessing and Tailoring SEVIRI 1.5 Data

    Training by Dr. Ben Loveday, Sabine Pol Moreno, Elena Nikolaeva, Joaquin Rodriguez Guerra, Harald Rothfuss (EUMETSAT)

    31 May 2021, 11:00 UTC

    We inform you on the availability of new and modern Data Services at EUMETSAT that you can already employ to access a selection of EUMETSAT data, including the MSG level1.5. 

    The key new service for existing Data Centre users is the EUMETSAT Data Store. The Data Store and the associated Data Tailor Service provides users with a download and data tailoring service for online data which will eventually replace the ordering service from the Data Centre. Users can discover, apply customisation changes (format transformations, regional sub-setting, file aggregation, etc.) and download data. The service provides access through an online interface (GUI) and additionally for the first time also via Application Programming Interfaces (API). The service is currently in a pilot phase and is planned to go operational in July 2021.

    Recording of the session

    During the session, we used Slido for Q&A and polls. Please find the output below.

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