Instructor feedback - available to participants after the completion of each topic

1. End of Introduction Week Instructor feedback

As you are all aware, the preparatory week started on 29th July 2019 and ends today 2nd August 2019. A welcome note was posted to the course forum. During the first week, participants were given an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the course guidelines, to introduce themselves to other participants and also to create an interactive platform with colleagues from across Africa and basically allowed participants to explore the course platform.

Introductions: It was great and very interesting to read from everyone from all over Africa and we are glad that this platform has created an opportunity to interact, network and share ideas. We therefore encourage you all to continue with the same spirit and discuss ideas and even share interesting weather related ideas.

Pre-Course quiz: We are happy to see that 18 of you have already completed the quiz which is mandatory to proceed with the course. Majority of the participants have enjoyed the pre-course quiz as it has given them the opportunity to refresh their knowledge before beginning the course next week. The quiz has also created a yearning for more knowledge for some of you and we can tell the enthusiasm to get on with the course.

I would also like to bring to your notice that 12 participants have not yet completed the quiz and therefore for them to proceed on with the course, they need to do so.

Course guide: We hope that you were all able to read the course guide which is very enlightening on all aspects regarding this course.


  • Your reflections were very positive and we are glad that apart from minor internet connectivity issues, you were all able to use the Moodle platform with ease.
  • For more information on the schedule of the course especially on classroom physical phase, read about it in Course Guide, Chapter 6.
  • For information on how to reduce the number of emails from forum postings, you can find it explained in the course Guide, chapter 3.
  • Deadline: Am happy to inform you that the deadline of the quiz has been extended to 8th August 2019 to accommodate participants who have not yet completed the quiz to do so.


By Scholastic and Joseph