FAPAR accounts for the active radiation absorbed by the canopy in the range of 400-700 nm, and therefore constitutes an indicator of the health and thereby productivity of vegetation.  It is thus suitable to quantify CO2 uptake by plants and the water release through evapotranspiration.

1. Spatial characteristics

  • Projection

Sinusoidal projection, centered at (0oN, 0oW)

  • Resolution


  • Product Units

The FAPAR product is expressed in the range from 0  to 1.

Time Frequency


  • Format


  • Filenaming

The timeslot in the filename of this product corresponds to the last day of the 20-day time-compositing period. 

For example, the filename HDF5_LSASAF_M01-AVHR_ETFAPAR_GLOBE_201611250000 with day of production 25th November corresponds to the period November 6th-25th, 2016