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Upgrade to v3.8 succesfully completed

Upgrade to v3.8 succesfully completed

by Madalina Ungur -
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Dear users,

We have now successfully upgraded to v.3.8 of Moodle. We spent last week on theme and additional required configuration work. Thank you for your patience. You can now resume using the platform as you intend.

While the main driver behind Moodle upgrades remains staying up to date with security updates, bug fixes and more recently data privacy regulations (see GDPR), you will notice layout and interface changes, as well enhanced functionality across most activities, such as in: 

  • Messaging and Forums. 
  • in the Assignment activity where annotation and recorded verbal feedback is enabled
  • Your Dashboard tab which provides you with a customisable overview of your progress per course 

As a trainer, you will notice the new editor which has integrated:

  • the possibility to record audio and video
  • insert H5P content among others.

You can now also define competences and link them to activities and courses; define learning plans and assign badges. 

When adding new activities in a course you will also notice more possibilities than before.

For a complete list of changes, have a look at: and keep in mind we upgraded from v3.1 which means a lot of changes have been captured in intermediate releases.

I invite you all to take your time and explore the platform and do not hesitate to Contact us for support. 

Please keep in mind that as we experiment with new features in new courses, unexpected issues might sometimes arise. We plan to address them as fast and best as we can. 

We thank you for your support and collaboration, 

EUMETSAT Training platform administrator