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EUMETSAT Precipitation Week

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EUMETSAT Precipitation Week
by Maja Kuna - Thursday, 14 February 2013, 11:13 AM

D. Rosenfeld sessionEUMETSAT organised a special online training event week, from 4–8 February, to highlight the importance of EUMETSAT satellite data for monitoring precipitation. This training week consisted of eight online sessions on monitoring precipitation from space.

The event consisted of three topics: VIS/IR Precipitation Estimates, Microwave Precipitation Estimates and Multi-sensor Precipitation Estimates. Invited lecturers were Cecilia Marcos (AEMET, Spain), Estelle de Coning (SAWS, South Africa), Daniel Rosenfeld (HUJ, Israel), Ralf Bennartz (UWI, USA), Sheldon Kusselsson (NOAA, USA), Remy Roca (LMD, France), Thomas Heinemann (EUMETSAT) and Vincenzo Levizzani (ISAC-CNR, Italy).

During this training event week around 300-400 people, from 150 different locations, attended the live sessions; listened to the online presentations, and interacted with the precipitation experts. Altogether 33 countries were involved in this training event. This has been the biggest live online training event organised by EUMETSAT.

The material from this event is available and can be downloaded. The live sessions were recorded and will be converted into webcasts and added to the EUMETSAT Training Library.