This self-taught phase of the "Using the Copernicus Marine Data Stream for Ocean Applications - Europe" course will begin on Monday the 25th May, and you should aim to have completed the course by Friday the 11th June. This will mean you'll be all set up for the online classrom phase, which starts on the 15th of June.

Completion will mostly be monitored automatically, so for most topics all you need to do is read through each topic area and complete the relevant activities listed. A few activities will require you to tick that you have completed them/submit a short piece of text. If you have any difficulties, please let us know using the topic discussion forum. 

The training team will then prepare any additional material needed to help you complete your mini projects during the classroom phase. As such you may be contacted by the training team to discuss your mini project, once you have submitted your ideas.

Last modified: Thursday, 14 May 2020, 12:20 PM