Git is a free and open source version control system for computer files. It allows you to keep track of changes to files, and collaborate on them with others in a way that is well documented. It is most commonly used to develop and share programming code. 

We are using Git to version control the code we use for training. The code is currently stored in a gitlab repository here:

From this website you can click and download a copy of the code for your own use.

Alternatively, you can use Git to create a copy of the code local to your machine, allowing you to take advantage of the facilities git offers for version control and sharing.

Although it may seem intimidating Git is a very powerful tool that can help you write and maintain better code, with just a few simple commands. 

For the upcoming course we recommend you create a local Git repository (i.e. on your own laptop), and clone our repository from the Git lab link above.

There is an excellent beginners guide to Git here:

The above tutorial has a link that will help with installation of Git:

For windows users please use the first link suggested and select the recommended/default options for installation. 

If installing on windows, when complete a GitBash terminal should open. If you are on another operating system, you may need to open your own command line terminal window to create the repository.

You can now follow the instructions in the 'Quick_instructions_for_use.txt' file on the GitLab repository (see link above) to clone the training code repository. This will provide a local copy of the code that you will need during the workshop. Once you have completed these instructions, please add a discussion post in the next section of the moodle.

Last modified: Saturday, 25 May 2019, 4:02 PM