IASI CO data will be accessed via Aeris IASI portal for atmospheric composition data:



IASI CO download


1) The IASI CO data is provided as .txt files, and it can be downloaded from: 

Metop A: https://iasi.aeris-data.fr/CO_IASI_A_data/

Metop B: https://iasi.aeris-data.fr/co_iasi_b_arch/ 


 2) The user is asked to fill in information (name, email). The purpose of using the data does not need to be long, just few words are enough. 


 3) After entering your personal info, you will get access to the data calendar. You can download the files by selecting dates (on green) from the calendar one by one. 



4) For multiple files, you can use also a curl command, eg.:

curl --insecure https://cds-espri.ipsl.fr/iasial2/iasi_co/v20140922/2019/01/iasi_CO_LATMOS_ULB_201901"{19,25}"_v20140922.txt -O


 5)  By selecting "quicklooks" in the upper right, you can view global daily images of IASI from Metop A and B, and also access to data download.  

Last modified: Friday, 18 October 2019, 1:20 PM