CALMet Commons

The  CALMet Commons site is host to a community of practice of trainers and educators in meteorology and hydrology. CALMet is the name of a conference that began in 1993 to help advance education and training activities in our fields.  

The Commons was created to help distant colleagues feel closer and to them enable to easily share ideas, experiences, and resources. The goal of the site is to grow our collective knowledge and to support other related CALMet activities.

CALMet Commons welcomes contributions and participation in all forms. Helpful posts will describe any new ideas, innovations, and resources you feel others may want to learn about. The site should also be used to ask questions or invite others to share their opinions. We hope you will comment on the posts of others to further discussion. 

CALMet Commons is an activity of the CALMet Working Group, which is made up of training professionals from EUMETSAT, WMO, COMET, and many national meteorological, hydrologic, and related services around the world.

Last modified: Friday, 7 March 2014, 10:18 AM