Weekly outline

  • Welcome to the 7th Autumn School on Satellite Techniques for Severe Weather Nowcasting (2019)

    The objective of this classroom workshop is to explain the use of processes, tools and products for nowcasting of severe weather (such as storms, deep cyclones, severe precipitation, heat waves and droughts) based on satellite data.

    During the course you will learn:

    1. how to find signs for severe weather in satellite imagery;
    2. how to use confidently satellite products to assess precipitation and high risk weather for a region;
    3. how to identify basic processes and meteorological variables influencing severe convection.

    Target audience: operational forecasters, experts and researchers from south-eastern Europe and North African countries, preferably young and motivates staff members of the Meteorological Services with knowledge or experience in satellite imagery interpretation.


  • Programme

    The program of the workshop

    • Practical Information

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