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  • Explore Analysis Ready Data (ARD) with the data cube for atmospheric composition

    Webinar with Federico Fierli (EUMETSAT), Julia Wagemann (MEEO srl) and Marco Cucchi (B-OPEN)

    16 February 2021, 12:00 UTC

    Analysis Ready Data (ARD) data are Earth Observation data pre-processed for users and ‘ready to analyse’. The idea behind ARD is, that a data provider such as EUMETSAT is in general in a better position to do general data pre-processing, e.g. atmospheric correction, cloud masking and re-gridding, than a user. ARD data are typically made available in form of a data cube, which is specialised on a specific region or a thematic application. 

    This short course introduces you to the Atmospheric Composition Data Cube (ACDC), a data cube prototype for satellite-based data on atmospheric composition. The ACDC makes use of the data tailor API, which allows for an efficient ‘on-demand’ access to a selection of EUMETSAT’s data.

    The short course consists of two parts:

    1. a high-level introduction to the concept of Analysis Ready Data; what is meant by ARD, the benefits and why it is important for efficient Earth Observation data handling.
    2. A hands-on exercise that shows you how you can access and process data with the atmosphere data cube and the data tailor API.

    The practical part will be conducted via a Jupyter-based training platform, for which you can register and browse the content already in advance:

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