• General

    Earth Observation Products for Wildfires Monitoring and Forecast is co-organized by EUMETSAT, ECMWF, EC JRC, the Atmospheric Composition and Land-Surface Analysis EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facilities and Pyrolife.

    This three-day hybrid workshop aims to:

    • discover and train on existing and new earth observation products;
    • learn from national services' activities and users' networks;
    • discuss needs and priorities for a better user guidance and preparation.

    It builds on previous editions with updates from users, data provides and services and a new focus on: 

    (1) showcasing new data and products from satellite missions and Copernicus services; 
    (2) reporting on specific events in 2021/2022 and the workflow from data collection to fire management;
    (3) analysing climate impact and emission estimations; fitness-for-purpose and data uncertainty usage/communication.

    How to join 

    Participation can be either online or onsite, at IPMA, in Lisbon. Online attendance is open to all interested participants for all the sessions in the workshop, attendance at IPMA premises is restricted to a maximum of 25 participants. 
    Registration is required for both online and onsite participation.

    During the registration process, it is possible to submit a poster to be discussed during the poster session.

    >> Register here to join the workshop (by 15 August)


    Invited speakers:

    • E. Chuveico, University of Alcala
    • A. Duane, FIRE-RES
    • A. Dybbroe, SMHI
    • F. Fierli, EUMETSAT
    • P. Fiorucci, CIMA foundation
    • E. S. Keles and I. Aydın, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture And Forestry
    • S. Kondragunta and I. Csiszar,  NOAA
    • P. Markuse, Sinergise
    • H. Matzangouras, HNMS
    • T. Oja, University of Tartu
    • M. Parrington, ECMWF

    ** List of confirmed speakers

    • N. Prat, Pau Costa Foundation
    • S. Puca, Italian Civil Protection
    • J. Rey, AEMET
    • J. San-Miguel, EFFIS
    • F. Silva, Portuguese Civil Protection
    • D. Spano, CMCC
    • J. Stoyanova, National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, Bulgaria
    • S. Szeto, EUMETSAT
    • X. Viegas, University of Coimbra
    • J. Wagemann, EUMETSAT
    • M. Wooster, Leverhulme Centre for Wildfires, Environment and Society, King's College London

     ** Presentations and recordings will be also made available on this page. **