TROPOMI is the only instument on ESA’s Sentinel-5 Precursor (S5P) mission. TROPOMI is a spectrometer which measures the solar backscattered light in parts of the ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS), near-infrared (NIR) and short-wave-infrared (SWIR) part of the spectrum. The light from the Sun traverses the atmosphere, gets scattered/reflected by clouds and/or the Earth’s surface and is reflected to the satellite. Along the path through the Earth’s atmosphere the light is also absorbed by molecules in the air that absorb at their own specific wavelengths. The amount of absorption is determined a.o. by the concentration of the molecules. TROPOMI so provides the concentration of various gases in the Earth’s atmosphere (e.g. ozone O3, nitrogen dioxide NO2, sulphur dioxide SO2, formaldehyde CH2O, carbon monoxide CO, methane CH4, …) as total column concentrations which is the column integrated concentration of a gas. Some information is also provided on clouds and aerosols. Information on TROPOMI S5P and TROPOMI S5P data products and their validation can be found on 

Datasets from various satellites are made available through GEE. This includes data on atmospheric species (OMI, TROPOMI), very high spatial resolution imager data (Sentinel-2), land cover data (MERIS, MODIS), fires (MODIS), inland water data (LandsAt), land ice data (ASTER, ETM+), precipitation data (GPM), etc, etc, etc, and many geophysical datasets (e.g. elevation maps, population density maps, …). Petabytes of data are available through GEE.

The TROPOMI S5P data currrently available on GEE is: total columns of O3, CO, SO2, CH2O and the tropospheric column of NO2, as well as the Aerosol Absorbing Index and cloud fraction. During this training we will focus on the tropospheric NO2 and CO data. The GEE datasets from TROPOMI S5P start around end of June/early July 2018. The dataproducts come in two flavors, Near-Real-Time (NRT) and OFFline (OFF). The NRT datasets are available within 3 hours of sensing, while the OFF dataproducts are available at the latest within 2 weeks (but often within a few days). For most products the OFF dataproduct is somewhat more accurate.

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