About Us

What is the EUMETSAT Training Zone?

Hosts courses, events, projects and forums. Our e-learning platform hosts mostly courses and project, however there are also ongoing  discussion forums, like for instance Ocean Application of Satellite Data Forums or occasional events like CALMet Online.

The Focus On section of the home page and the Training Calendar consists of information about interesting upcoming events delivered by other institutions and programs, sometimes in collaboration or with contribution of the EUMETSAT training team.

Open and restricted access. Some of the past courses are available to the registered users, the others require an enrollment by the administrator. For further information on registration and enrollment, please consult the Help section or contact us at OPS@eumetsat.int.

Past, ongoing and future activities. Many of the courses listed in the Training Zone are completed, however for some the course material is available to registered users. The year when the course was given is usually indicated in the course name or description.

  • Look up for the ongoing and upcoming courses in the "Upcoming EUMETSAT Courses" in the home page.
  • Note that some courses are listed as "by invitation only".
  • Courses with access open to the registered users have an open door icon in the description - .
  • Browse the Training Bulletin, listed on the Training Zone home page, for more information about future and past activities.

Online and classroom. Many of our courses are delivered in a classroom but some have an online component as well.

Would you like to know more about our training team and activities? You may find more information about us on the EUMETSAT website.

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