Welcome to the EUMETSAT Moodle

This site is a virtual classroom in support of EUMETSAT courses and training events. Most of our training activities are designed to support users in the member states and among the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) members in the application of EUMETSAT data, products, and services, including Copernicus data provided by EUMETSAT. 

For most of our courses you will need to apply and, in some cases, you will also need a nomination from your institution in order to participate. Find out more about EUMETSAT training here and if you have questions, please contact us.

Open access courses 

 A small number of our courses are open for access (guest access). These usually include limited interactivity and include:

In addition to these courses, have a look at the complete EUMETSAT online learning offer, as well as:

  • EUMeTrain for self-paced learning resources.
  • We work with COMET to produce self-paced, free to use learning resources. Register on MetEd site.
  • African Satellite Meteorology training is available at ASMET